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Toluna Surveys a way to make money

Toluna Surveys a way to make money

By daniele

If you are in a situation, where do you want to earn extra money in an ease but legal way, the survey sites could be the answer, and Toluna is one of the major characters in the game. Also, there are a whole host of other ways to earn rewards on the same site, like competitions, product reviews and even some games. 

Not only is it free to sign up, all of which can earn you points that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash. 

Before to start it is important to have clear the basic: 

What is it Toluna?

Toluna is an online platform that lists frequent surveys you can complete in return for rewards. A person who uses the platform, it is knowing as ‘Toluna Influencers’. This is because the surveys you complete are used by major brands to help them figure out what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong and what they should be doing.

How does it work?

The Toluna Influencers are paid in the form of points. These can, in turn, be redeemed for a range of things like gift cards, competition entries or cash. 

But are not the only way to earn rewards on Toluna. You can earn some extra goodies by interacting with the Toluna community, playing games and even watching videos.

And… how much money can you make with Toluna?

The first thing that you have to know it is hard to give an exact number on earnings, as how much you get out of Toluna kind of depends on how much you put in. But we can say for sure, that surveys are undeniably the biggest and most reliable way to earn rewards on Toluna.

Here we have two answers. According to their FAQs state that each one can pay between 15–50,000. But unlike, it is found that most of the Toluna surveys available to the majority pay 2,000–4,000 points.

Making the mathematic by the number of points required to buy each value of a gift card, it seems that £1 is approximately 5,500 points. So, if you want to redeem, you can only cash out to PayPal in £35 installments, if you want to redeem points for a value below this, you’ll have to go for a gift card.

What is more, based on the number of points required to buy each value of gift voucher, the Tesco and Amazon credits work out as better value than the £35 PayPal payout anyway!

Now, we will proceed to teach you some of the ways to make money on Toluna:

  • Toluna surveys

It is the most lucrative and reliable way of earning Toluna points, and there are usually multiple surveys available for you to complete at any given time. 

While you acquire experience with the platform, as a new Toluna Influencer, you’ll often find that you’re rejected from the survey after a couple of screener questions. And which determine whether you fit the profile of respondent they want.

There are benefits to completing Toluna surveys: it is like a cycle, the more you do, the more you will be rewarded. But also, the more surveys you complete, the more Toluna will send you – and the more relevant to you, they will be.

  • Complete your profile surveys

We will recommend you to search and make the ‘Profile surveys’. These surveys help to give Toluna a better idea of the kind of person you are, as well as what you’re interested in. 

There are 13 profile surveys in total, with each one paying up to 100 points and taking a couple of minutes apiece. You can only complete each survey once, and it’s best to do so when you first sign up to Toluna as going forward it should mean you’re only presented with surveys relevant to you.

  • Vote in sponsored polls

Go to the ‘Sponsored Polls’ tab at the top of the screen once again, and you’ll find a whole host of simple, multiple-choice polls. Which have points reward, normally are 15 points apiece and each poll takes just a couple of seconds to complete.

  • Take part in a contest

If you want to have more points, another way is to post more content in the community. In return, Toluna those who participate are often rewarded with some points and entered into a prize draw.

  • Refer a friend to Toluna

If you share your referral link with your friends and family, you will get 500 bonus points for every friend that successfully signs up. 

Hey! Keep in mind, that Toluna check each referral to make sure it is legit! So, please do not you try to set up some fake email accounts to refer yourself. 

  • Play Toluna’s games

Toluna also counts with a few fun little distractions for you to play. While, some games are always there, some are only available for a limited time. But the really important it is with some can also win you points. 

All the games are free to play, because it was created to keep you in touch with the platform. As an example, to win points is the Daily Toluna Wheel. All you need to do is spin the wheel, and you could win anything from 40 to 1,000 bonus points, assuming you don’t land on the dreaded ‘Better luck next time’ spot.

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